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Hear This: Suds – My Own Mind

The intro has tricked me! The whiring, slow, reverb drenched intro had me expecting a slow tempo and a quiet build up. Suddenly the bass and the drums come in and, in contrast, they come in fast! That’s not a bad thing; the song sounds stunning and, to be honest, one of the best things about music is when a song convinces you it’s about to go in one direction before turning rapidly in another.

I really like the overall sound of this song – the guitars sound big, yet still retain the rhythmic nature of the strumming. The drums and the bass drive the song forward well, a really strong foundation to build the rest of the track upon. The vocals are excellent, perfect for the track, and the backing vocals are masterfully subtle, thickening the whole thing up without distracting from the excellent lead. Really nice stuff.

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