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Hear This: Sugar Horse – Pictures of Dogs Having Sex

Sugar Horse don’t shy away from ridiculous titles, whether it’s the excellent Shouting Judas at Bob Dylan or, my personal favourite, Slam Dancing in a Burning Building, they’ve always given tracks amusing names. Pictures of Dogs Having Sex borders somewhere between amusement and the feeling that by listening to this I’ve been put on some kind of watch list. But I digress, what about the song itself? It’s an epic, gloomy, beast of a song, a wall of sound with vocals hidden away in the noise, at times hard to decipher. The intro and the first part definitely have an air of Oceansize about them, the delayed guitars sitting over a monotomous bass sound before the wall hits you and the chugging guitars build.

It’s quite an uplifting track really, an almost triumphant march upwards, the vocals occasionally bursting though the musical fog in a stunning manner. The tone changes a bit in the third minute when, with a scream, Sugar Horse suddenly assault us with one of the most brutal sounding guitar tones I’ve ever heard. I’m a big fan of Sugar Horse’s previous work and, unsurprisingly, Pictures of Dogs Having Sex is a great addition to their discography. If you like your music gloomy, yet somehow positive, or if you’re a fan of horrible (wonderful) guitar sounds then you’ll love this.

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