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Hear This: Waco – Hardships Will Happen

Always pleased to see Waco pop up in my inbox – they played one of the best local gigs I’ve been to last year, an incredibly fun live band with some great songs behind them. This new track, Hardships Will Happen is another excellent track from the group, with some relatable lyricism atop a great track. The chorus is positive, uplifting, while the verse tells a feeling shared by many, “how can I be lonely, tell me, in the busiest city in the country, and how can I inspire change?”

The main parts of the song are energetic with big sounding guitars and a brilliant vocal style. The section after the second verse with it’s palm muted guitars and synth arpeggios reminds me of more classic rock. Give it a listen and, if you get the chance, go and see them live as they’re a hell of a live band.

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