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Hear This: Frazer Merrick – Hidden Sounds of Play

An interesting piece of music, alongside a commentary, Hidden Sounds of Play is an exploration of the rythmns created by the electromagnetic noise released by the various devices, machines and lights of Southend-on-Sea. The sounds created are varied and interesting but what makes this such a compelling piece is knowing that all of these “sounds”, all of the patterns and rythmns created, are going on around us all time, we’re just incapable of detecting them.

The final part of the audio, a track built around these sounds, is a really well put together piece – the use of these field recordings alongside other instruments creates an interesting, deep, piece of electronic music. When the drums come in they drive the track forward against a distorted bassline. The glitchy sounds from Southend, more clear in the first and final sections of the song are fascinating, but even more interesting when heard directly after the podcast type element, which describes the process.

Check out the track and listen to Frazer Merrick talk about how he recorded them and what devices created what sounds over at Focal Point Gallery here.

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