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Hear This: Keg – Kids

I became aware of Keg when they played a fun-as-hell gig over at Three Wise Monkeys earlier this year. Musically they’re a band with a lot going on – synths, cowbell, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums and a shouted vocal style – with a clear nod to bands like Talking Heads. This track, Kids, is possibly my favourite from the band so far – it’s a whole lot of fun and lyrically it’s got plenty of humour thrown in (“daddy, I want an itsu”). I’m pretty sure we’ve all come across some of the “shitty kids” portrayed. It’s taken from their forthcoming EP Girders, to be released on Alcopop Records in September – if this is a taste of what the EP is going to sound like then it’s going to be great. Give it a listen.

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