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Hear This: Eat Your Own Head – Denied

Eat Your Own Head (the artists previously known as Hank, for any of you who saw them previously in town) have a debut album on the way soon and have been gracing us with a few tracks to wet the appetite. This track, Denied, is arguably less mathy than a lot of their previous tracks but more than makes up for it in big guitars and quality vocals. The way the vocals go from beautifully sung to almost deranged screaming towards the end. There’s a cool little ringing guitar part that reminds me of Blackend Sky era Biffy Clyro. Give it a listen.

The new album, recorded by the brilliant Tom Peters over at Trap Door, is released on May 20th (a nice birthday treat for myself) via their own Drongo Records. Pre-order here.

Header Image by Joe Cottis.

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