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Single Review: Ghosts of Men – Hold On ft. Samantics

Usually when I see a “featuring” on the track title I expect them to have a verse part way through but that certainly isn’t the case here – this collaborative track between local two piece Ghosts of Men and West Country spoken word artist Samantics features verses from Samantics and what I think are collaborative choruses layered under some top quality music from Ghosts of Men. Musically it’s a strong collaboration; rock and rap are often thought of as conflicting genres but historically they’ve often made for good crossovers and this is no exception. Fuzzy guitars chug along in the bottom of the verse and the drums sound great – the beat and the way it’s been produced have given so much space for the vocals that everything sounds perfect together. The vocal delivery has a slight aggression to it – Samantics has a great voice for this – yet every word is clear, which is important given the message behind it.

Speaking of the message, it’s very clear from, well, the title that this is a song with a positive mental health message, one which speaks honestly about the difficulties of life, something particularly relevant at the minute, although something that should perhaps hold more importance to people at all times anyway. As the title suggests, this song is about getting through those bad periods because things will get better and that it’s important to hold onto belief that you will get through it. It’s an incredibly strong song lyrically, not just because of the message but because of the wordplay used in getting that message across. The chorus is strong too – is it just me or have Ghost of Men frontman Peter Clegg’s vocals gotten more and more metal sounding as time has gone on.

Available now on CD and digital download through Bandcamp (and if you’re reading this on release day, Bandcamp are giving 100% to the artists)

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