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Review: Fiji Mermaids – Seasick

In many ways this three minute track from Fiji Mermaids (a band consisting of Josh Sandifer and Jack Gordon-Abbott, both of Animal Noise, albeit Jack less so now days) his a krautrock feel to it – it’s not the vocals and the drums are definitely real, but the repeating bass line and the way the bass feels definitely reminds me of that era of music. The vocals are slightly subdued and the way they’ve been produced, with a fast abrupt echo, makes them feel slightly distorted – it fits the music perfectly and every lyric is clear. Jack’s drumming is effortlessly great, it feels like a simple beat throughout but when you focus in there’s a lot more going on, yet it doesn’t overpower the vocals at any point – a testament to Josh’s production, which gets better with each release, as well as Jack’s ability to play in a way that’s interesting whilst serving the feel of the song well. The synth solo in the second half is cool too; a few seconds in the scale being used goes in a completely different direction to what my brain would expect to hear, which, in my opinion, is one of the best things in music – when you think you’ve worked a song out but the artist throws in a little curveball to stop you from getting too comfortable. Overall, this is a nice little track – I’m enjoying the fairly daft video too – and it’s nice to see projects like this emerging from the shitshow of a year we’ve been dealt.

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