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Review: Pilot Run – Faces are Hard to Find

Pilot Run shamefully have escaped my radar until now – a band made up of members of Fervours / Street Light Youth? How have I not heard them previously! Anyway, better late than never I suppose, I caught a description shared by Tom Donovan (who produced this EP) and had to drop everything and give them a listen. I was not disappointed.

Opening with Among The Dead, Pilot Run conjur up a classic post-hardcore sound; the slow build of delayed guitar runs into an intro/verse guitar part that reminds me fondly of bands like Hundred Reasons and Hell is for Heroes. There’s a wonderful clean section after the second chorus with a great playoff between lead and backing vocals as an etherial backing plays on – dynamically this EP is already looking good. Haunted Head is probably the track which most reminds me of their previous bands, the strong intro riff over steady drums gets things started nicely and I really like the guitar part throughout the verse. Likewise there’s an excellent, whammy laden, solo part later in the track which, well:

Used to You starts things a bit slower, with great vocal lines and great lyricism through the verse. The group vocals sound excellent in this track, adding so much to it. The production stands out on this track too – between the previously mentioned group vocals and the guitar sound (the guitar during the verse somehow sounds fuzzy as hell yet at the same time there’s a cleaness to it), there’s a great feel to it. Bauta is on the heavier side of the EP, between the classic sounding intro riff and the lead parts under the vocals in the verse. The chorus is probably the most-sing along part too – an excellent hook with a chord change in the middle that just sounds immense. Not only is it the standout track on the EP, in my opinion, it’s possibly the best track I’ve heard this year so far. EP closer Coloured Lines is an emotionally charged track, layered with cello from Malachi Siner-Cheverst and some lovely backing vocals (I understand Bridget Clegg laid down vocals across the EP, although it’s not obvious where), climaxing in some glorious gang vocals.

This is a wonderful EP. I could try and sum it up but, frankly, I implore you just to give it a listen. If you’re just picking one track to try then Bauta is where I’d start.

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