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Review: Antigen Christmas Party The Swan, Ipswich

Unfortunately running a little late, I arrived at the venue to the sound of flutes, a surreal scene in a pub which looks like it came right out of the punk scene. A fairly festive, vocal heavy, set from Nathaniel Mann and Nick Castell was stunning to watch – it did at times seem like it had come together at the last minute but none-the-less I ended up standing silently watching it throughout (apart from the moments of audience participation!). I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ipswich’s sole Cowboy, Jack Rundell, but he was more than just a getup, his songs clever, although some of them did require a bit of local knowledge to see the amusing side. Really enjoyable!

Headlining the night was the job of Dingus Khan who firstly had to deal with the amusing drunk who clearly found himself funnier than he actually was, heckling the band before they’d even started, then taking their drinks, then trying to tune guitars before getting ejected and getting people to start trouble inside. That aside, the new tracks from Dingus Khan are sounding insane, tracks like More Terror Rays are huge sing-along tracks waiting to happen. They sound as mad as ever but the hooks are perfect. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t wait for this second album to see the light of day!

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