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Live Review: Slugworth + Superglu The Olde Albion, Rowhedge, 12/12/2015

If I were going to pick a band to prepare me for Christmas, it’d have to be Slugworth. Sure, they’re not all that Christmassy, but it’s impossible to watch Geoff, Stu and Carl and not grin like a fool throughout. Their complicated yet fun tunes never fail to impress. This was also an opportunity to see them on their “home turf”, The Olde Albion, Rowhedge, complete with the people who know them the best and die hard fans of all ages. This wasn’t any ordinary show either, opening the night with a set of older songs that they’d decided to learn instead of tacky Christmas tracks. The older songs all sounded great to me, despite claims of mistakes (I’m not familiar enough with them, apparently).

A quick interlude from Superglu, some of whom had already played two sets that day, they sounded more on form musically than the Lakeside show, although they did, admittedly, seem a bit more worn vocally towards the end of the set – clearly a long day! Every time I hear the new songs I get a little bit more excited for the new EP next year.

Slugworth returned to an even better reception, performing a set of more well known hits and down well they did go, people singing and dancing on the pub floor. Sing La led to the audience splitting right down the middle, boys vs girls, getting low, while the Christmas part of the set (basically Christmas songs reworked into chaotic bursts of energy) ended with the microphone being passed around, everyone singing their hearts out. What better way to see in the Christmas holidays?!

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