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Kung and the Gang – The Soundhouse, 04/11/2015

Not one for the children, Kunt & The Gang’s potty mouthed minor internet hits certainly drew out the masses. The Soundhouse is more alive than I’ve ever seen it before, the floor full of people, drinks in hand. Opening the night is Mike Gibbons playing some smutty tracks on an acoustic guitar. There was some excellent between artist themes too, Mike performing a song about his IBS, Kunt performing a track about having to put up with Mike’s IBS on tour.

With a back catalogue as big as Kunt’s there’s plenty of tracks to bring us all to tears of laughter and two sets fly by in no time. It’s easy to forget how many ‘hits’ he has made during his lengthy career – they’re catchy as hell too, if daytime radio allowed for such lyrics people would no doubt be humming Fucksticks across the country on a day to day basis. Highlights of the set had to come from the horrifically named ‘Use My Asshole as a Cunt’, in which a local fan came up on stage to sing the catchphrase, somehow forgetting the lyrics and just singing the punchline repeatedly, which was met with “Well, at least he’s getting the point across” from Kunt. It was crude fun but clearly that’s what the people of Colchester wanted. The Soundhouse was packed from front to back, busier than I’ve seen it on a weekend, let alone a Wednesday night.

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