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Off The Wall – Marvel Superhero/Hard To Sack

Big riffs. The opening of Marvel Superhero kicks like a Rage Against The Machine track, a simple yet effective heavy hitting beast of a track springing to life. Sort of ironically, despite the chorus being “I’m not a Marvel Superhero” I could imagine this kind of thing being used to soundtrack one of the films. The bass is heavy, the guitars are perfectly produced. 

As Hard To Sack kicks in I’m pretty sold on the single – the effort that’s gone into the sound is incredible. Riffs kick like mules, the vocals snarl. Lyrically Hard To Sack is a little bit odd but I’m willing to let it slide when it riffs this hard. If this is how Off The Wall are choosing to kick start 2016 then they’re certainly going about it the right way. It’s an impressive progression from even the last time I caught them live (which was still excellent); it sounds huge!

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