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Review: Kitech & Sleeper Cell – Arachnid

With Kitech confirmed for Love Love Records’ alternative Valentine’s party on February 13th, and this new split with Sleeper Cell released earlier this month, it’d be rude not to give it a listen! Creepy synth lines are met by hard bass as Brink of Evolution builds up, the drum ‘n’ bass beat driving the track along at speed. It’s heavy hitting, something which doesn’t let down as the EP progresses. Heat Ray keeps the pace up although the bass, while heavy, sounds a lot clearer – it’s less aggressive in that respect, the latter half mostly held together by the drums as synthesers growl creating some harsh voice like noises.

Arachnid is one of the darker tracks on the record, the intro sounding like a DnB based horror movie, slashes of synth reverberating into ambience before the track builds up again and takes up the chase, pausing only momentarily to terrorise the listener before attacking again. Contagion carries on in a similar vain; a creepy intro is then met with lashings of DnB glory. All in all, while this isn’t my usual genre, it’s well produced, energetic and, genuinely, terrifying in places.

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