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Review: Christoph De Babalon – Short Eternities

Released last month on Love Love records, Short Eternities is the latest from Christoph in two decade’s worth of material. I’m not even sure where to start with an album like Short Eternities – even as it whirs to life, terrifying synth sounds whirring away, I’m still not sure what’s coming. The fast paced drums kick in on ‘Only You’ bringing an intense energy to the proceedings, all the while a haunting sound repeats over and over. It’s a fairly terrifying album in places; Haunting Past mixes dark sounds with drums that remind me of when I used to be really into Venetian Snares – in a way it’s fairly minimal, the bulk of the song loops and repeats while the aggressive drum programming fights the listener.

Fairreality is a particularly interesting track, the intro otherworldly before the erratic drum programming kicks in and the low sub-bass rattles my whole head. Tension Ascension may be a little bit too much for me; it’s pretty much a straight up noise track that just sounds like someone screaming into a vocoder into more reverb and delays than you should be legally allowed to sell any one person. It doesn’t sound bad, it’s just incredibly messed up and, after a long day, I ended up a bit lost in sound. Overall though, this album, while challenging, is incredibly rewarding. The drum programming is ridiculous and the atmosphere created by the synths is something special.

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