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Dingus Khan Three Wise Monkeys – 29th August 2015

It takes quite a lot for me to walk away from a live set bewildered by what I’ve just seen; by now I thought I had seen everything and, that aside, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Dingus Khan more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. That they’re still pushing that bar a little bit higher just begs the question: how far can it go?

Things start lightly, a reference to their Free Festival slot of 2013 they hand out security outfits to the crowd, ending with a pit full of security guards who are “not hitting people enough”, it’s claimed. The band don’t really fit on the stage, bassist Tom standing on top of his bass amp, giving poor Ben Ward a climb for the two of them to passionately eat each others faces half way through the set. Ben Brown clearly gets a sudden urge for a hair cut half way through the set, pulling out some clippers and getting to work before eventually getting the audience to shave him. Talent scouts from Tony & Guy, you missed out, clearly there were some hair-artists in the crowd that night.

An incredible live show is all well and good but it’s important to have the songs to back it up. Thankfully Dingus have them in abundance, the old tracks causing mass singalongs while the new songs sound bloody brilliant. A few of the new songs (I have no idea of titles here!) show off the mad but clever songwriting the band possess. Crazy and yet brilliant. Leaving the crowd broken and the venue covered in glass and hair, it feels like a long wait until the new album. I’ll be patient.

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