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Introducing… Rad Pitt

Featuring a whole load of members from The Jornetta Stream, Gulls and more, Rad Pitt are an exciting new prospect: a heavy, riffy, post hardcore band who recently played their first live show at The Waiting Room for Shallow Leisure’s Free Festival After party. Those who went were treated to an energetic, very in your face, show from the band, movement aplenty as they thrashed their way through riff after riff.

Despite August being their first show, they’ve actually had recorded music out there for months now, their self titled EP having been out since March this year. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s available for free from their bandcamp page. A self produced, four track, EP, the short bursts of energy hammer their way along – a particular highlight being the short but sweet ‘Sink, Ship! Sink’ which musically has tinges of Blakfish alongside heavier inspirations, the vocals going between a straight up scream and the sort of raw growl you’d hear on a heavier 90’s emo record.

Find them here:
facebook: radpittradpitt
twitter: @radpittpradpitt
bandcamp: radpittpradpitt

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