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Do It Yourself – Surge

Despite being a relatively new band on the circuit, Surge release their debut 7” this month. We asked George King to explain why and how they’re doing this so soon.

During the embryonic stage of our existence as a band, we were adamant that patience prior to our unveil was key, but conviction and momentum would become superior once our first-gig-cherry had been popped. So, when the idea to release our second single ‘LOVEBLOOD’ on seven-inch coloured vinyl (the very format that we as a band have bonded over since our formation) was suggested, we immediately knew that if we could materialise such an ambitious idea, after just five months since our debut gig, as an unsigned band, who fund, record and produce everything entirely by ourselves, it would completely epitomise the ethos of the band and it would be a massive achievement, that would hopefully also inspire other local bands and rejuvenate the passion within the many people and gig-goers that have little faith or interest in the ‘local band’.

Then after the idea was set in stone, we gigged rather relentlessly for a good few weeks in order to raise funds and we even started up a Kickstarter campaign just to see if anyone would be interested in helping us fund a vinyl and the response was absolutely breathtaking. Without the support of the people who actually put their hands in their pockets to help out a local and unknown band, we really wouldn’t have been able to release a vinyl – definitely not so soon anyway. So, for that, we are forever grateful. 

Fast forward to the present, on the eve of the vinyl’s release, after countless hours of recording, mixing and then re-recording and after countless weeks of designing artwork, finding companies to print the artwork and press the vinyls and waiting for the finished product, we are finally on the brink of returning to headline the very venue which played host to our first gig back in April in order to celebrate our achievement and we are finally on the brink of achieving the very goal that at many points over the last two months seemed an unlikelihood – and we couldn’t feel more proud. 

Given the abysmal state of the music industry today, it can be hard to find solace in the prospect of even attempting to become a success within it, but we are living proof that a bit of D.I.Y can go a long way – and besides, a success or not, who wouldn’t want to have their own track etched onto the greatest format in the world?

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