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Hear This: Bag of Cans – Hair of the Dog

Bold move from Bag of Cans, who have decided to move away from the usual Friday release date for new singles, skipping out on all the new release playlists online and the publicity they bring, and put it out on the same day as Eurovision and the FA Cup Final. Maybe deep down they knew that, while most people would be too drunk to watch a video that depicts Thom McGhie being touched excessively before ultimately getting sacrificed on the release day itself, they’d relate much closer to the songs lyrics the following afternoon, while trying to hold back vomit from the hangover they bought upon themselves while drinking warm cans and screaming at Mika during the Eurovision scoring. If you’re looking for a song to encapsulate your next four hours in three minutes this might do the trick.

RIP Thom McGhie.

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