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Live Preview: Coffin Shaker at Colchester Arts Centre, 30/10/2021

If you’re going to pick a location in Colchester to hold a Halloween gig there can’t be many better places than the deconsecrated church of Colchester Arts Centre! The location, mixed with some admittedly more out-there artists, is perfect for the evening.

I had no idea what to expect when giving Meemo Comma a listen and, to be honest, I’d still struggle to describe the music satisfactorily. Their release from March of this year, Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter² is a glitchy electronic wonderland but you can tell from listening that it’ll be a completely different experience live. Zetra are an interesting band, with a sort of lo-fi, heavy, shoegaze sound that’s utterly uplifting while it chugs. Pull me in from last month’s From Within is a particularly nice track, the retro sounding synths going along well with the sludge of the guitars.

A’Bear creates interesting textured synthy electronic music, the vocals on the title track of last year’s Ear of the Heart album sounding spooky in their own right. The reviews for their live sets are excellent so I’m sure this will be a great set. Ending the night is Wallowing, who sound nothing like any of the other bands on the bill, an aggressive sludge/grindcore band. It’s a huge contrast to what comes before but, given the context of Halloween and the location it begins to make sense.

If you’re looking for something interesting in Colchester on Saturday night, to celebrate Halloween, then this is the one.

Doors 8pm, £7 entry.

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