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Single Review: Anorak Patch – Delilah

Every time I check out a new Anorak Patch song it seems like they’ve moved up another level in the music world. Delilah is their first physical release on the rather good indie label Nice Swan and it really feels like the start of a lot of good things for the band.

Musically the verses build on an interesting, slightly odd, chord progression with a vocal repetition that really gets into your head. The chorus guitar and bass parts remind me a lot of the music I grew up with, simple but effective stabs sounding excellent. The synth part on the chorus balances everything else out perfectly.

I’m a big fan of the second half of this track, the delay soaked section actually quite haunting thanks to the guitar hidden underneath. The subtle addition of the trombone in the section afterwards is a nice touch too.

It’s weird to say, for a band so young, that their sound has matured but, comparing this to Beans (which I love, for what it’s worth) it’s clear their sound is still changing. I for one can’t wait to hear what they come up with next. One of the most interesting local bands on the scene for sure.

If you want to grab this on 7″ vinyl there’s a few copies left here.

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