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Review: Earthmass, Torpor, Jotnarr April 2nd, The Waiting Room

You know it’s a heavy night in store when it opens with Jotnaar, who, in the smaller constraint of The Waiting Room, sound even bigger than they did at the arts centre; the sound largely coming straight from the guitar amps rather than being boosted by a PA, ever nuience audible as the sound assaulted the audience.

Torpor are a new band to me but they started strong, being drawn back into the room by the mammoth wall of feedback at the start of their set, they didn’t stop for the whole half an hour, the low rumbling of the bass and downtuned guitar making the whole room shake, apparently to the extent where glasses fell off of bars. When combined with some incredible snarling vocals they were an incredible sight to behold.

Earthmass on the other hand seemed to have the progressive/doom sound completely down to a T, frequently reminding me of some of the better post-metal bands, going from clean to a wall of distortion with ease, building songs up in a spectacular manner. The tightness of their performance was apparent too, with a lot of control over the progressive nature of the songs. An insane band and a good night over all!

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