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Review: The Physics House Band, Black Peaks @ Colchester Arts Centre

 I’d be the first to admit I’m a bit suprised that a year after their last appearance, supporting the excellent Arcane Roots, Black Peaks are back to headline the Arts Centre. I’ve caught them once since that show (ArcTanGent Festival) and I hadn’t really heard much buzz outside of small circles but the turnout is pretty good for a Sunday so clearly they won a lot of people over last time. They’re definitely a formidable live band, the last year of touring paying off. The energy on stage is as high as before but their ability as a band seems to have upped it’s game, everything is tighter, they play parts from the recordings that were previously simplified, they know how to work a crowd, even if it is Sunday evening.

The final selling point for this night though was the support. You have Jotnarr opening the show in an agressive but fairly stunning manner, the band seemingly as at home on the large arts center stage as they are on the floor at Firstsite, the dim lighting and smoke adding to the package. The Physics House Band were one of those who were on my list of bands I wanted to bring to Colchester, so thanks Black Peaks for adding them to the tour! Their proggy, ridiculously technical, sound seemed like a bit of an odd choice for support but none the less they impress, the new songs really showing off how insanely talented these guys are. Hopefully we’ll see more of them soon…

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