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Surge – Loveblood

It’s been a ridiculous paced year for Surge, playing their first gig less than half a year ago they’ve already gone on to play shows all over the South East and London, play a huge set at Colchester Free Festival and now they’ve gone and released this, their first 7” vinyl single. Which is pretty damn impressive when you consider that the length of time between first gig and now is shorter than some vinyl manufacturing plant’s waiting lists! ‘Loveblood’ is a pretty excellent shot at the kind of indie music that was all over the place when I was a teenager; jangling guitars, simple lead parts, all held together by simple but effective drums and bass. It’s familiar but it’s done very well, a fun burst of energy reoorded well (I understand it was very much a DIY approach in that respect too). ‘I Don’t Know What You Think About Love’, the B-Side is a much shorter affair, similar in approach, it’s Libertines-esque instrumentation met with some nice vocals. Overall it’s a strong package, two songs which work well together put down on the only format worth having (who plays cds? Who wants their music as an mp3?)

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