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Loose Joints – Demos de Boudoir

While building up the funds to record a whole album (soon, I hope!), Loose Joints have released an EP of home recorded tracks for all to enjoy. Straight away I can’t help but question the bedroom demo name; the quality of the recording doesn’t sound like something that came out of a bedroom! It’s not quite Abbey Road but everything is crisp and it’s well produced. ‘Supply and Demand’ opens proceedings, a funky short byte, the reverb soaked guitars and slightly dark vocal style work well together, creating a straight forward but well executed bluesy sound. ‘Devil In Disguise’ slows the pace down a bit to begin with before kicking things up a gear, guitars distorting and a bit more agressive. 

‘Chimpanzee’ sounds like a step back into the musical history books, the drums holding together a track that goes between leaving a whole lot of breathing room and dualing guitars rolling over a smooth bass run – the over the top use of delay in places actually lends itself well to the track, creating chaos in places. ‘You and I Have Nothing in Common’ brings the vocals more to the frontline, commenting on a relationship gone stale. Considering the depressing topic the song is fairly upbeat – you can certainly dance along to it! Ending with ‘Oasis’, I will admit that, catching them last month, I misheard and worried they were about to play an Oasis cover – thankfully this track is about as far as you can get – spacey segments, a fairly progressive nature and riffs! A great track. All in all, if these are just demos then I can’t wait to hear a full length. This EP is available on Bandcamp as Pay What You Want, so I’d highly suggest heading that way and helping fund the inevitable LP.

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