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Hear This: Dan Warburton – 1999

Did I go into this thinking Dan Warburton had recorded an acoustic version of the Charli XCX banger of the same title? Yes. How wrong was I? Very. 1999, a calm solo track from the Pure Trash guitarist is a real nostalgia fest, set to a bed of acoustic guitar and synthesiser. There’s quite a few products and memories scattered in the lyrics, things that those of us growing up in the year of the millennium bug remember fondly. The video is Dan infront of a projector playing a mixture of things that’ll be nostalgic of everyone the same age, alongside footage of previous music projects he’s been involved with (which, to be honest, is also fairly nostalgic to anyone who used to goto shows in the local scene). It’s good to see Dan putting out his own acoustic music again – I look forward to hearing more.

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