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Review/Gallery: Wonk Unit, Greebo, Junodef – Three Wise Monkeys, 17th March 2023

Every so often Three Wise Monkeys take a risk on a really interesting lineup with bands from out of town. Sometimes they end up being busy and sometimes they’re a bit quieter but usually you get to watch something a bit different. Tonight is certainly no different. Junodef, from Sweden, open the night, the one opening slot on an otherwise headline tour. They’re fantastic. Really etherial post-rock-like music. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of artists performing music like this at the minute – musically they remind me of the more ambient tracks that Jeniferever put out and vocally there’s the same vulnerability of artists like Lingua Ignota. It’s music that deserves your attention – stop your conversations and just listen.

Next up are local trio Greebo, reclaiming the insult thrown at certain metalheads back when I was a teenage. I only catch part of their set as I’m venue hopping tonight but what I catch is pretty good, heavily influenced by grunge music their set is a loud distorted one. The vocals give the tracks a bit of interest, like an East-London based Nirvana. It’s good to see them playing a lot more gigs recently and building up a bit of a following.

Headlining the night are Croydon based Wonk Unit. I know very little about them going into this gig other than that they have an amusing name and they’re a very DIY punk band – the merch table supports this, I’ve been to stadium shows with smaller ranges of tshirts – I’m excited to see how they sound. They’re an incredibly fun band – fast punk with a distinctive vocal growl. There’s no shortage of excellent hooks and the guitar playing is energetic but interesting. For a punk band there’s quite a few of them on stage with two guitarists, drums, bass, keyboard and vocals but their sound is still very raw. They’re naturally funny too, frontman Alex Wonk comes across as really genuine inbetween songs. I’ve been listening to the band a lot since the gig and there is so much excellent material in their lengthy discography – if you’re new to the band though I really recommend discovering them the same way I have; go and see them live, you won’t be disappointed.

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