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Gallery: Monster Florence, Osquello – The Lexington, 8/12/2022

I’ve seen Monster Florence quite a few times locally but the crowd at this show at The Lexington really showed just how far they’ve progressed from being a local band; people travelling from all over the country to be there, people knowing every word. Saying “it went off” is a bit of an understatement – there was crowd surfing, the floor didn’t stop moving to people jumping up and down, a guitar got thrown down. Pure energy. Newer tracks get as good a response as older ones, there’s clearly a lot of hype behind the new album and, if it’s this lively on a Thursday December night, then I can only imagine how hard it’ll go off when the new record drops. Great support from Osquello too – will definitely be interesting to see him performing with a full band at some point.

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