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Rad Pitt – Pitt Happens EP

Pitt Happens sees a change in vocalist, with Nick Smith tagging out and giving Reece Boulton a shot in the ring. Given the runtimes of Rad Pitt‘s previous three albums, Pit Happens being a four track EP seems a bit odd. The whole EP weighs in at eight minutes, fifty four seconds, more than a third of which is the opener Like Me, Oh Please Like Me. Much like a neutron star, osmium or Liz Truss however this record is impressively dense, cramming in an incredible amount into such a short runtime. Opening track Like Me, Oh Please Like Me is a huge sounding song, one of their best tracks to date. Taking on incel culture, which seems like a pretty fair target to me, the track is filled with riff after riff and features an excellent final thirty seconds, a breakdown with “she loves me, she loves me not” backing vocals.

Ending track Lycra Larry is a tongue in cheek track taking aim at the groups of cyclists that occasionally hold you up while on country roads. The verse features a smooth guitar riff and some excellent vocals, Reece screaming about the inconvenience, with a hook of “let me past, let me past, lycra Larry let me past“. Overall another great release from Rad Pitt, even if it is their shortest to date (which is impressive in it’s own right). The passing of the flame hasn’t really had a massive effect on the vocals; Reece sounds different to Nick but the delivery contains just as much aggression and energy to it doesn’t really feel noticeable. And it does seem like the change has made it possible for the band to gig a bit more often which doesn’t hurt. Musically it’s as good as the rather excellent Flivid, with some incredible drumming, plenty of riffs held together with some solid bass playing.

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