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Hear This: Monster Florence – Relax (ft. John Cooper Clarke)

Monster Florence are one of those groups who don’t really ever seem to stop writing. Sure, the last full album came out back in 2018 but they’ve put out a ridiculously good EP since then (and an extended version with live versions from Abbey Road of all places), as well as a load of singles, in the mean time. Relax is the first single from their forthcoming record, featuring the renowned Dr John Cooper Clarke on the hook. The vocals are some of the best they’ve recorded so far; the lyrics are always excellent but the delivery is just brilliant here – the way the energy on Wallace Rice’s verse just builds constantly is excellent, Dream Mclean dropping to a whisper by the end of his verse works perfectly and Alex Osiris going from his incredibly fast delivery to giving the witty lines more space to breath towards the end – it’s amazing how they raise the bar each time.

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