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Glastonbury 2022: Sunday

After an incredibly long day on the Saturday, Sunday definitely feels as though it’s more of a relaxed pace. There are a lot of bands I’d love to watch today but they’re also a long way away from each other which is a real shame but sometimes you just have to pick a few artists to watch and stick to them. My day starts in a fairly relaxed manner with Herbie Hancock on the Pyramid Stage, a complete musical legend performing an incredible set of music. For someone 82 years of age he still puts a lot of energy into the performance, at one point leaving the piano to move back and forth around the stage while playing the keytar. It’s one of those perfect festival moments; the style of music, that Sunday morning festival feeling and the glorious weather coming together. Glastonbury create these moments so well.

A walk across the site to explore The Park is a great idea for Sunday too, not quite as packed as it was for Wet Leg on Friday meaning it’s possible to stop for some lunch and a drink while waiting for the next act. Up next for me is Caroline Polachek – I’m a big fan of her music but haven’t had the chance to see her live yet. She certainly does not disappoint. With a live band behind her the tracks have a great energy to them but her vocals and her lyrics really drive the songs. They’re pop songs but with a sort of etherial quality that just makes them so engrossing – every track is incredibly enjoyable to listen to. I stick around at The Park to catch Jack White‘s “secret” set which, unfortunately, seems to be a bit delayed while his techs spend time fiddling with a mannequin. It must be hard for Jack White to choose a set to perform given he can pick from his solo work as well as the discographies of The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs and, of course, The White Stripes. He sounds incredible backed by this fairly sizeable band; I appreciate the minimalism of The White Stripes but songs sound absolutely massive performed in this way – it’s unsurprising that he’s built up a band of incredible players.

After a nice walk around the festival site I settle in for my final artist of the weekend, Kendrick Lamar. I don’t tend to watch a lot of the headline sets but I’m particularly excited for this one, one of the greatest artists in the world right now performing at Worthy Farm. Sets like this are also a really good argument for Glastonbury being great value for money – seeing Kendrick at his own show would cost well over £100. Just for one artist! I was particularly impressed by the visual elements of the performance, the dance routines were incredible to watch and the way the set progressed with chapters (largely depicting different albums and phases of his career). Despite the lack of band members visible to the audience it was pretty apparently musically that there was a band tucked out the way somewhere playing live – you just get that feeling from the drums and from the bass, the fills feel energetic and in your face.

Opening the set with United In Grief from his most recent record, Mr Morale and The Big Steppers, the energy in the crowd is incredible from the get go – while the record has only been out for a month it’s been so well received and people have clearly absorbed the new material with a large number of people singing key lines from the track back. The choreography throughout the performance is perfect and really helps support the music. The Blacker The Berry was another standout track for me – lyrically it’s very clever and there’s a great hook in the chorus that gets everyone jumping. Humble unsurprisingly goes down well too as the encore starts but set closer Savior is a real highlight of the weekend; the song itself is brilliant, one of the most clever tracks Kendrick has put out, but the visual aspect with the dancers in red, Kendrick in white with his diamond crown of thorns, blood running down his face. Going into this I already knew that he was one of the best rappers in the world but it was great to discover that he’s also one of the best performers. What a way to end a wonderful weekend!

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