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Hear This: Bessie Turner – It Was Nothing

It’s always great to see a new release from Bessie Turner pop up. Easily one of the best songwriters from the local area, the tracks have consistently stepped it up in terms of production as time has gone on giving Bessie the sort of polished quality that she deserves.

It Was Nothing sounds brilliant. The chorus sounds huge, joyous, the kind of sound that could be played out on any festival main stage this summer – it’s got that positive energy to it that just makes you want to jump around listening. The part after the second chorus, the bass driving the song onwards, as guitars and synths sit reverb-laden underneath, is fantastic. The verses are a bit more subdued but there’s still a lot going on in the mix, even if it’s toned down a bit to let Bessie Turner’s fantastic voice shine through. I come away from this track hoping there will be an EP or something in a similar vein in the future.

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