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Hear This: black midi – Welcome To Hell

I’ll start by saying the one thing I don’t like about this track, the vocals. There’s something about them just I just don’t enjoy; they’re very marmite, some people love them, some people hate them. With that out of the way, Welcome To Hell is yet another rung in the ladder of black midi‘s increasing complexity. The angular guitars sound incredible, the drumming is nothing short of superb and the saxophone adds a lot to the track.

The song twists and turns, at one point rocketing in pace to something more like a punk song before suddenly slowing down with more subdued, albeit fast changing, chords. The final minute, musically, would have felt at home in Cardiacs discography – the sharp chords, fun little guitar licks and jumpy progression is wonderful. Their new album, Hellfire, comes out in July – very much looking forward to hearing more from it.

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