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Preview: Cosmic Puffindoors 2 – November 2nd – Coda, Colchester

It’s an impressive feat, booking like 75% of the Colchester music scene onto one lineup, but a feat that the folk at Cosmic Puffin clearly aimed for when booking this, their second all dayer and their first at Coda. With music running from midday until 1AM and two stages to choose from, there seems to be something for everyone but they’ve kept the ticket price fairly cheap despite their being an excellent charitable goal from the night.

Headlining the Loud Stage are Suffolk lot JS and The Lockerbillies, who bring a slice of old timey America to Colchester, while bands like Ghosts of Men, Pet Needs, Rad Pitt and Osmium Guillotine go for a lively approach that’ll get people headbanging. There’s certainly a good mix of genres on the “loud stage”, with a mid-afternoon set from Blooms among others. There’s the “(Not That) Quiet Stage” to provide a bit of contrast with sets from Les Carter, The Lamplight Club, Rosalind Harniess among others. Dystopian Sound Collective headline that stage.

Tickets are £10 in advance or £12 on the door and doors open at Midday. All profits go to the children’s charity Sonny’s Army.

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