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Live Review: Love Love Records Anti-Valentines Day Ball

‘Eclectic’ doesn’t really do this insane lineup justice; the bill featuring djs, bands of assorted genre, a grime preacher, interpetive dance. Ridiculous. By the time I get there a dj set is in full flow, slightly glitchy music filling the room. It’s a short wait before we’re greeted by μ2, who’ve somehow grown in size massively since their Arts Centre show late last year – at this rate they’ll achieve their likely goal of having one of every instrument before Christmas. The spacey, psychy, music like a lush blanket of music sweeping over the Waiting Room. While there were a few technical issues, they oddly added to the sound in places, the low rumble of the feedback just blending with the other textures at times. They’ve announced a show featuring solo/dj sets and a full band set at The Waiting Room next Friday which I can highly recommend.

Next up, Tropics of Xhao, who I believe had a different drummer from the last time I saw them live but, none-the-less, they still sounded massive. The guitar and keys creating an airey soundscape while the drums occasionally burst into DnB style energetic blasts, the main stand out feature has to be Lulah’s vocals, which seem to be constantly improving, sounding amazing over such a strong soundtrack.

Headlining the live portion of the night (I’m not sure what happened to Brainshit? Maybe they were moved to before I got there), the Al-Zebabist Nation of OOOG’s preacher/political leader/grime mc, The Prophet Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah, standing infront of the decks to deliver his surmon, crown atop his head. It was far more fun than I expected, the audience clearly enjoying it and getting involved. The Prophet took time out from his set to baptise audience members before the almighty Ooog. While the almighty’s prophecy that the Prophet would win the Thanet seat in the election didn’t come to fruition, the Al-Zebabist nation can take solice in the fact that their Prophet is a far better MC than Farage will ever be. One of the most weird yet fun sets in town in years.

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