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Review: Roy (Supporting Superglu) House Show, 21/12/2015

 There’s not whole lot of things that’ll get me over to a house party on a Monday night the week before Christmas but, having seen a single video on Facebook of part of a Roy track, and having heard the hype recently, I had to go and see their first show. For those of you who haven’t heard Roy before (which, to be honest, is pretty likely given that they haven’t released any songs yet), they’re kind of Colchester’s answer to Chicago’s mathy-indie scene, their tracks remind me at times of the likes of Owls, perhaps with the fluid but fun drumming of Deerhoof.

So how were they live? Well, despite this being their first show, it was pretty incredible; through most of the set everything sounded tight, the erratic chord changes were met with some incredible drumming. Occasionally it moved into improvised territory but even then everything just worked. It clearly went down well anyway, it’s a rare event to see an encore demanded from the support act. I’m glad it was too, the encore being one of the highlights from the set. I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more from Roy in 2016.

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