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Review: Superglu The Kings Head 11/11/2015

A venture into London can be a bit of a pain for bands – traffic is always horrifying and stupid parking regulations see Superglu’s mode of transport towed before the set can start, which has to be a bit of a downer but, if there’s any venue in London to cheer you up a bit, the Kings Head has to be the one. Filled from basement to roof with taxidermy animals it’s a bit of a weird setup. A room of butterflies, a room of stuffed large cats, taxidermy polar bears and even a taxidermy ape clutching a gun in the live room, it’d be fair to say The Kings Head may not be for everyone. 

Contrasting the extravagant decor, the live room was loud and alive. Superglu have a fairly lengthy setlist on the night, longer than I’ve seen from them before by far, but time flies by as their poppy rock shakes the basement. Minor technical problems aside (stupid bass amps…) Superglu showed how far they’ve come. While their early sets were fun, they sound infinitely tighter than they did before – the songs are hook-laden, the vocals harmonise well together and their set flows flawlessly. Krista’s vocals in particular sound considerably better than the last time I saw them (although perhaps a better venue helps there), providing a tuneful layer to Ben’s in places and standing solid alone the rest of the time. 2015 has been extremely good to the band and, with an EP to be released early 2016, if you’ve not already checked them out get yourself to a show. They play Lakeside Theatre on December 4th.

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