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F.O.X – Hypoxia Pt 2

With the follow up to, you guessed it, Hypoxia Pt.1, F.O.X have certainly ticked all the right boxes in creating a big pop album. The largely synth §based album has simple but effective drums, a smorgasborg of sounds and some clever songwriting throughout. ‘Halfway to Nowhere’ kicks the record off, the synths creating a good base for some great vocals. It’s a pretty big pop tune, definitely not a far stretch from the likes of Chvrches – I can’t help but thing that if this was heard by the right person at the right time it could be huge!

‘I Want to Know’ sees a change of pace, a sampled vocal met with horns and probably the best vocal performance on the record. At times it ventures towards an electro-swing direction, executed really well. ‘The Girl from Shoneys’ keeps the mood down a bit, delay soaked guitars allowed to do their part over synthesisers. It’s a good track, the vocals sounding excellent and the general feel of the track sublime, the only thing that lets it down slightly are the drums which drag slightly by the end due to their repetative nature.

‘We Are The Younger People’ has a very 90’s pop track vibe to it, a mixture of the production and style giving it a vintage feel, while ‘Wild Horses’ is perhaps a bit more modern sounding. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this record but, I’m sold. This record shows an excellent progression from the trio’s earlier output both in F.O.X and previous projects. They’ve matured, they have a clear view of what they’re doing and they do it well. A band to be reckoned with.

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